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What an incredible response we’ve had to our first edition of the New Blackmore Vale Magazine. You’ve all emailed, called, posted and sent carrier pigeons (OK, no pigeons) to say how much you appreciate having a New local magazine. Even the original launcher of the Blackmore Vale Magazine, Ingrid Chalcraft, has been in touch to say how much she loves it – you can read our feature about her next week.

Our head of advertising Debi Thorne has been snowed under with enquiries – but she doesn’t need to sleep, so do contact her at or 07876 563683. For classified ads you can book here online.

We’ve now got an ad designer, a sports person, a farming person and you can get them at, and

We are working really hard to establish a work flow where we can keep up with all your news items and not miss anything, but it’s already looking pretty full for the next edition. If you can keep any items as short as possible, we’d love that!

Deadlines for everything: the Friday before publication.

Thank you all so, so much for the love and appreciation you’ve shown us since we launched the New Blackmore Vale Magazine. We’ve been truly bowled over with your support.​

The Blackmore Vale Magazine

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Blackmore Vale News

  • Group’s year of tree planting
    The planting of an oak tree at Castle Hill in Shaftesbury marks the end of the first year of Shaftesbury tree Group’s tree planting programme. Karen Wimhurst
and Robin Walter
planted the English
Oak, completing
the first year of the
five year planting […]
  • Traders so keen as markets looking ahead to reopening
    Market manager Andy Reynolds says he hopes to reopen the markets in Blandford on April 15 unless there are any changes to the legislation, but there is a possibility that outdoor markets may be allowed to open earlier […]
  • Bags of praise for rural litter pickers
    The extra exercise that people do during lockdown has meant that Blackmore Vale roads are less blighted by litter, suggests one Dorset councillor.
 Cllr Pauline Batstone believes that people out walking are also helping clear litter, especially now […]
  • Parish pledges to preserve atmosphere
    Motcombe Parish Council has issued its response during the consultation period of the Dorset Council Local Plan, which sets out its vision for the development of the area until 2038. In a full and detailed response, Councillor Peter […]
  • Care home marks a year of lockdown
    Residents and staff at Colten Care’s Abbey View in Sherborne marked a year since the start of the first covid lockdown with flowers, heartfelt messages and a one-minute silence in honour of those who have lost their lives […]



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