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What an incredible response we’ve had to our first edition of the New Blackmore Vale Magazine. You’ve all emailed, called, posted and sent carrier pigeons (OK, no pigeons) to say how much you appreciate having a New local magazine. Even the original launcher of the Blackmore Vale Magazine, Ingrid Chalcraft, has been in touch to say how much she loves it – you can read our feature about her next week.

Our head of advertising Debi Thorne has been snowed under with enquiries – but she doesn’t need to sleep, so do contact her at or 07876 563683. For classified ads you can book here online.

We’ve now got an ad designer, a sports person, a farming person and you can get them at, and

We are working really hard to establish a work flow where we can keep up with all your news items and not miss anything, but it’s already looking pretty full for the next edition. If you can keep any items as short as possible, we’d love that!

Deadlines for everything: the Friday before publication.

Thank you all so, so much for the love and appreciation you’ve shown us since we launched the New Blackmore Vale Magazine. We’ve been truly bowled over with your support.​

The Blackmore Vale Magazine

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Blackmore Vale News

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    An urgent Laptop Appeal has been launched by the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles to give disadvantaged primary school pupils a computer to fully access remote learning in lockdown. Sherborne Primary School has distributed a significant number of […]
  • Village unrest over castle owner’s plan
    The multi-millionaire owner of Compton Castle in south Somerset has caused disquiet in the village with plans to build a garage.
 Bill Hopkins, 72, made a fortune in concrete before selling his Wincanton-based business to Tarmac in 2018. […]
  • New £23m Octagon theatre planned
    Councillors were set to debate a potential £23 million investment for arts and entertainment in South Somerset – including a new building for Yeovil’s Octagon. South Somerset councillors were hoped to agree in principle to progress the development […]



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