New group to target speeding drivers in Stalbridge

SPEEDING drivers in Stalbridge could soon receive letters from the police as the community cracks down on the problem.

Stalbridge Town Council has responded to concerns over dangerous driving by setting up the Stalbridge Speedwatch group, in partnership with Dorset Police.

The force’s Community Speed Watch initiative (CSW) is a partnership initiative aimed at raising awareness and encouraging speed reduction.

The move will see town volunteers armed with speed guns out on Stalbridge streets to record the speeds of motorists.

“Reducing speed will directly contribute to help saving lives and will improve the quality of life for people within the county,” a police spokesperson said.

“It is an opportunity for you to get involved in making the roads safer where you live.”

The police said speed is a major factor in about a third of all traffic collisions.

Each year, in excess of 700 people die, and more than 4,500 are injured nationally as a result of speeding, one of the main contributory factors to road collisions.

How does the Speedwatch group work?

The council contacted the CSW liaison with suggested locations for using speed monitoring equipment in Stalbridge.
Dorset Police arranges risk assessment, volunteer
vetting and site approval.
Stalbridge Town Council purchases equipment and Dorset Police trains volunteers.
The CSW team records how many vehicles exceeded the speed limit.
A warning letter is then sent by Dorset Police to the registered keeper.

How do I volunteer and what does it entail?

* the group needs a minimum of six volunteers
* full training is given
* the kit is provided
* the volunteers would be expected to do 2/3 hours per month
* the volunteers only volunteer in daylight hours

Anyone wanting to volunteer can fill out a form online at

The closing date for expressing your interest in helping with the project is Tuesday, May 14.

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