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Re-Homing Hens in Hazelbury Bryan

Hens hoping for happy homes

Hazelbury Bryan to become hub for rehoming ex-commercial hens and helping their recovery When Haidy Mansfield first heard about rehoming commercial hens in 2016 she...
The Government has formulated plans for compulsory microchipping of cats. PHOTO: Mabel Amber/ Pixabay

The ins and outs of microchips…

By Lynn Broom. Longmead Veterinary Practice. Microchips became available in 1989 in pets to provide a permanent form of identification. In 2016 it became a legal...
Caring Canines, Dorset

Caring Canines in appeal for four-legged friends

A furry good reason to paws for a visit from a very special friend Ask anyone who’s had a visit from Caring Canines and they’ll...
Animal Encounters, at North Cadbury Primary

Animal magic at North Cadbury Primary

It’s not every day you get to meet an armadillo at school. Or a python, pygmy owl or giant stick insect. However, children at North...
Ask the vet… with Lynn Broom

Dogs are not small humans! Ask the vet… with Lynn Broom

We love our dogs as members of our families and we sometimes forget that they are not human. They do, however, differ from humans...
Kim Williams with some of her alpacas at Cary Alpacas

Kim’s creating warm & fluffy moments for people with warm & fluffy alpacas

A retired Royal Navy Wren is enjoying a new role helping people through interaction with her herd of alpacas. Four years ago Kim Williams,...

Latest Pets Stories

Complex matters of the animal brain

By Lynn Broom Longmead Veterinary Practice. THE brain is a fascinating and complex organ. We know its basic function involving nerves and electrical impulses, but how...

So, did we domesticate the cat – or did they domesticate...

By Lynn Broom. Longmead Veterinary Practice Cats have interacted with humans for thousands of years, potentially as far back as 12,000 years ago when humans first...

Should I castrate my dog?

by Lynn Broom. Longmead Veterinary Practice Pet dogs kept in family houses are often castrated to enable them to be more acceptable companions and to reduce...