Blackmore Vale Farming

Blackmore Vale Farming

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Ruth Kimber has seen an explosion in the fox population locally. PHOTO: Andreas Neumann/Pixabay

Time for the cows to take a rest

By Ruth Kimber Our open day went really well, with the help of family and friends. We were fortunate with the weather – not too...
The Met Office reported an average rainfall of only 15.8mm (0.6in) across England for July.

Insights into challenges of drought

By Alice Miller BVSC DBR MRCVS Friars Moor Livestock Health We share our farmers’ concerns as we continue to experience extraordinary drought conditions across the UK....
Cows can struggle with hot weather. PHOTO: 1195798/Pixabay

Heat stress in farm animals and what to do

by Alice Miller BVSC DBR MRCVS Friars Moor Livestock Health In my last column I spoke about seasonal conditions we encounter in the summer months. I...
The jubilee function in Charlton Musgrove on the village playing field.

Jubilee fun down the years

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Farmers often feature in village events for several reasons – they have land, kit, are generally practical folk and often...
Cows do not see in black and white – they see yellow, blue and green.

Have you seen the world through a cow’s eyes?

As well as working as a full-time farm vet, I am also a member on the board of directors for BCVA (The British Cattle...
Summer is here and Ruth Kimber is checking the cattle to make sure they have enough grass and that no gates are left open or fences breached. PHOTO: Pixabay

All the cattle are on the pastures

All the first cut silage is safely in – it was a tormenting time with the catchy weather, rain then sun. The crop was...
Three main issues can affect sheep feet – scald, foot rot and codd (contagious digital dermatitis).

Lambs are growing at a speedy rate

The Zwartbles are back at the field and enjoying an abundance of grass. This is clearly providing rich milk to the ewes as the...
Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Why you should sing to cows…

“Walking along a peaceful country lane, flanked either side by fields of grazing cows, lazing in the May sunshine, I’ll confess this crime, I...
by Alice Miller BVSC DBR MRCVS, Friars Moor Livestock Health

What to look for as we approach the end of calving

As we approach the end of the spring calving season, we have started to see a rise in the number of outbreaks of scour...
Kimbers Farm Shop,

Farmer’s Diary – Kimbers Farm Shop

Many more of the animals are now out to pasture, and the grass is really beginning to grow well. However, the cold nights are...

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Ins and outs of the breeding period

By Alice Miller BVSC DBR MRCVS Friars Moor Livestock Health. RECENTLY we have been busy helping our autumn block calving clients prepare for their upcoming...

It’s calving time down on the farm

By Ruth Kimber. The Harvest Festival service was held this year on a neighbouring farm – this is the third year it’s been on a...

Defra orders all birds to be housed to stop spread of...

ALL birds must be kept indoors from Monday (November 7) until further notice, as efforts to curb the spread of bird flu continue. The UK's...