Zeals pub wants to demolish outbuildings to extend seating terrace

OUTBUILDINGS at a Wiltshire pub could be demolished to make space for more customer seating.

Atlas Planning Group, on behalf of Chickpea Ltd, has applied to Wiltshire Council for permission to demolish buildings at The Bell and Crown, in New Road, Zeals.

Part of the outbuilding will be retained, with another part taken down to increase the outdoor capacity of the pub garden from 44 people, to 88.

“Though the existing outbuildings are ancillary to the pub, the two larger rear outbuildings which are considered to have a significantly greater heritage value than those proposed for demolition, will remain in their current form and place,” the application said.

“The application site has an existing terrace which currently can provide seating for 40 guests.

“The proposed increase in the external seating area would see such capacity increase to 88 covers, which will allow for a greater number of patrons to enjoy the pub and enhance the viability of the local employment generating service.”

How the outdoor area of the Bell and Crown could look if the plans are approved. Picture: Atlas/Wiltshire Council

How the outdoor area of the Bell and Crown could look if the plans are approved. Picture: Atlas/Wiltshire Council

The application added how the directors of the pub are “committed to operating this premises in harmony with neighbours and for the enjoyment of local people and families”.

“The Bell and Crown has operated as a pub restaurant in some capacity for decades, and while its operation has changed substantially since Covid, remains a key part of the local community and local economy,” it added.

“The Bell and Crown employs over 30 members of staff, many of whom are local to the area, and who have a vested interest in managing noise to maintain good relationships with neighbours.”

The terrace can be used between noon and 10.30pm, the application said, with management to “record noise levels during busy periods”.

For more details on the plan, and to comment, log on to and search for application reference PL/2024/00921.

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