Wincanton’s Tom Bryant evicted from Big Brother house

WINCANTON’S Tom Bryant has been evicted from the Big Brother house – just three days before the series finale.

Tom, Jenkin and Jordan thought they were evicted on Monday after the housemates were forced to make sudden nominations.

But then, producers served up a shocking twist – the three would be moved to a secret room and granted the power of watching their housemates gossip and go about their daily tasks.

Yesterday, the trio were given the chance of redemption by facing a public vote, but the Somerset butcher was booted off the show.

Speaking to AJ Odudu on Big Brother: Late and Live, Tom said: “I think I’ve just cruised through, I haven’t been problematic so I haven’t been up [for eviction].

“I’m not the most entertaining person in the world, I just went there for a good time.”

Viewers were quick to disagree with this on X (formerly Twitter), one wrote: “Watched big brother, Tom is so toxic it’s hard to watch.”

Another said: “Tom spent 48 straight hours slagging Yinrun off in some of the most horrible ways we’ve ever seen on Big Brother, and the second he was back in front of her he could not utter a single word of it. Pathetic excuse of a housemate.”

In a previous episode, Tom was denied the chance to see his best friend, just days after he lost his closest friend in the house, Paul, something which hit him hard.

“It was the loss of Paul for me, I was really close with him. He brought out a fun side I could get involved with,” he said.

“He was just such a nice bloke. He was a bit of a lad but he was genuinely such a caring and affectionate person.

“It felt like he was a brother in that sense. Every night he was someone I’d talk to, we’d talk about everything in depth.”

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But the 21-year-old said, overall, he had enjoyed his reality TV experience.

“I have known them for five weeks, I think I’ve met genuine friends in there. But it’s all the singing, I’m not a fan of the singing,” he added.

“When everyone was in the bedroom throwing stuff around, those were the best times. Jenkin will throw out a one liner, Olivia will dance around pretending to be Oliver. It was great.”

And who does he want to win?

“Honestly, Jordan. I overthought a comment he made a long time ago, it was a complete cop out nomination.

“He’s actually incredibly genuine, the more and more I spoke to him, the more I got him.”

Big Brother airs nightly at 9pm, followed by Big Brother: Late & Live, on ITV2 and ITVX

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