LETTER: ‘Thank you, Canon Eric Woods’


TO Canon Eric Woods,

I was very moved by your most recent article in the New Blackmore Vale magazine concerning the death of your 42-year-old brother, Peter, and how it led to you becoming a priest.

I lost my mother in 2020. The circumstances were very different – she was 95, so she had a long life, she died at home and I was with her. It doesn’t compare to a life being tragically cut short after a long and painful illness.

However, I was very close to her. It hurt and it still hurts.

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I am a Catholic – mum was Catholic – dad, also much missed, was not – and she went out of her way to ensure I was brought up in the Faith.

I have always gone to church, but my faith has ebbed and flowed over the years. I really want to believe that mum is now with God and, in the way you describe, still with me too.

I always read your articles in the New Blackmore Vale and usually get something from them.

Keep up the good work.

Via email

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