‘I hear you and I will fight for you’: New MP Sarah Dyke’s message to voters

‘I HEAR you. And I will fight for you.’

That was the message for voters from the new MP for Somerton & Frome, Sarah Dyke, after she secured a stunning victory in yesterday’s by-election.

The Liberal Democrat candidate turned a 19,000 deficit into an 11,000 majority for her party, taking the seat vacated by David Warburton, who resigned earlier this year amid an admission of drug taking and allegations of sexual harassment.

Cllr Dyke said: “Thank you, most of all, to the wonderful people here in Somerset, for welcoming me into your homes, your town and parish halls and your businesses.”

“Thank you for talking to me about your lives and your communities. For sharing your worries and your hopes for the future. I’ve heard from dairy farmers determined to protect our precious environment and feed our country,” she added. “The nurses and doctors working all hours of the day out of love and care for their patients and thriving entrepreneurs creating jobs and driving our county into the future.

“I promise to be an MP standing up for you in Westminster.

“Tonight has been a stunning and historic victory for the Liberal Democrats and it shows once and for all, the Liberal Democrats are back in the West Country.”

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Cllr Dyke said she was ‘truly honoured’ to be elected to represent the area her family has farmed for over 200 years, saying she would represent all voters.

“To the mother in Milborne Port, who told me how she couldn’t get a dentist appointment for her children; I hear you, and I will fight for you,” she added.

“To the man who told me how is elderly mother sat on the floor for 13 hours waiting for an ambulance to arrive; I hear you and I will fight for you.

“To the amazing farmers of Somerset, the custodians of our countryside; You are my family and I hear you and I will fight for you.

“And to all of you seeing your energy bills, mortgage payments and food shop go up and up, with no end in sight; I hear you and I will fight for you.

“So to everyone here in Somerton and Frome, no matter how you voted in this election; I hear you and I will fight for you.”

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