How to ensure wildlife goes on after your own passing

Dorset Wildlife Trust has announced a new partnership with Farewill, a provider of free online will writing services.

The trust’s members and supporters can now access free wills written online, or over the telephone, all year round.

To enable important conservation work to continue, Dorset Wildlife Trust relies on 25% of its work being funded through gifts in wills. Leaving a gift in your will is something extremely generous that you can do now, which will make a huge difference to the future of Dorset’s wildlife.

Leaving just 1% to Dorset Wildlife Trust in your will makes a significant impact and means your loved ones still receive 99%. There is no obligation for members to leave a gift to Dorset Wildlife Trust when taking up this offer, but they say: “We are always honoured when members choose to support the future of Dorset’s wildlife in this way.”

Hannah Filer, the trust’s legacy and grants officer, said: “Legacy fundraising is vital to the trust and plays a significant part in enabling us to conserve Dorset’s precious wildlife, helping fund work on our nature reserves and at our centres. For supporters who decide to leave a gift to Dorset Wildlife Trust, no matter how large or small, comfort can be taken in knowing that their legacy will help our wildlife for many years to come.”

Farewill has won multiple awards for its service, and an online will can be written with them in as little as 30 minutes. Supporters can find more details and links to begin the simple process at

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