Polo: Sport of kings set for comeback

Polo: Sport of kings set for comeback

The exact origin of polo – ‘the sport of kings’ is unknown, but it is likely to have been first played by the nomadic warriors in the middle east 2,000 years ago.

Its name is derived from the Balti word ‘pulu’ meaning ball and can even be played on elephants. It was brought to us by the Army. The sport of kings is played right-handed, the stick is held in the right hand whilst the pony steered with the left hand. Tedworth Park offers all levels of polo up to 8 goal but is also known for offering beginners the chance to experience the game.

Each low goal game consists of 4 chukkas of 7.5 minutes each and is played 4 aside, the polo pony plays a maximum of 2 non-consecutive chukkas in any game. A polo pony is around 15 hands and many are thoroughbred, although a lot have been sourced from south America.

Tedworth Park in Wiltshire is a local home to Polo. The county is also the home of local armed forces and Tedworth House, which is run by Help for Heroes and supports injured service personnel. Tedworth Equestrian Charity took over Tedworth park in 2018. It’s is a low goal polo club with the largest low goal polo membership in the country, with a mix of approximately 60% military members and 40% civilian members. Manager Jess has a 1 goal mixed and 5-goal ladies handicap and has been the polo manager since 2010. She grew up around horses and played polo at Millfield She’s a fantastic level 3 coach and HPA accredited assessor.

Covid permitting, the club’s biggest fixture of the year,
the Rundle cup match (army verses navy) takes place on
10th July and Help for Heroes day is 5th of June. The Help for Heroes day has been one of the club’s most important fixtures for the last seven years because it showcases the growing sport of para polo. The para team manage a variety conditions, ranging from PTSD to spinal injury and limb loss. The day includes the renowned Navy verses RAF and Army verses women in polo matches. Women in Polo is aimedat promotingladies’polo, particularly at amateur level. Ladies currently reign unbeaten.

If you can canter competently, you too could try your hand at a chukka but the club can also offer taster sessions for even the most inexperienced of riders.

Individual lesson: £95 per hour Group tasters for 4 people from £85 each per hour and three-day intensive courses for £650.

For more information, please contact Jess Andrews on 07740 723353 or have a look at tedworthparkpolo.com.

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