Undercover Diner visits… Daniel Sushi, Yeovil

Daniel Sushi, Yeovil

Location – Daniel Sushi, 12/13 Bond Street, Yeovil, BA20 1PF

Food      9/10
Service 10/10
Décor    9/10
Wine     7/10
Value    9.5/10

I love Japanese food. Can’t say I’m any kind of aficionado, but I’ve tried everything from the high-end restaurants in Soho to the cheap and cheerful ‘on-the-go’ joints. I even have a go at making nori rolls and sashimi at home. So, when I discover there is a Japanese restaurant in Yeovil, I was intrigued to see what it was like.

The booking process was straightforward enough and a phone call secured the booking as you would expect. Heads up, you need to order your food in advance so, if you’re planning on giving it a go, get your head around the menu before you make the booking.

The booking was for a group so, I decided to leave it to the chef to give us a selection of his best work.

We were greeted by a friendly waiter who showed us to our table. Drinks were ordered and arrived promptly. The house wine was ordered for the table which was a little harsh but not unreasonably priced. Then came the food;

The food came (as is the way), in many small, but delicious courses. First came a course of gyoza, delicate little steamed rice dumplings filled with meat or veg and a light dipping sauce.

This was followed by some steamed edamame beans. This is where everyone on the table messed up simultaneously. The beans come in their pod, the pod is covered in a sweet, salty garnish. The pod itself is a tough as an old boot. You’re not supposed to eat it! Waddya know!

Then came a course on tempura vegetables and fish, deep fried with a super crunchy, light batter again, with a light dipping sauce, followed by the nori rolls which you see everywhere these days. These were particularly good, having tiny pieces of crunchy tempura inside, giving great texture.

I was pretty full by then, until plates of teriyaki chicken and salmon with steamed sticky rice came along which was really tasty and left me completely full but not bloated.

The food, with pre dinner drinks and wine with the meal came in at around £35 per head including service.

I have to say for the quality and presentation of the food and a really good evening, it would be hard to beat.

If you’ve not tried Japanese food before, don’t be intimidated, give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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