Shaftesbury Town Council: Land at Mampitts Green will be transferred by Persimmon Homes

Mampitts Green, Shaftesbury

Shaftesbury Town Council wants to inform the community that land at Mampitts Green will be transferred by Persimmon Homes at some point to be confirmed in the future.

The decision about the land transfer and which organisation is selected to manage the development of the community facilities rests with Dorset Council and as yet the outcome is unknown.

The recent story published by the New Blackmore Vale infers that the land has already been transferred to Shaftesbury Town Council when in fact, no decision has yet been taken.

The Shaftesbury Town Council, Mampitts Green consultation ended on November 28 and the responses are in the process of being analysed. Upon completion a report summarising the phase 1 consultation will be sent to Dorset Council.

In January 2022, Dorset Council’s General Management Committee, will discuss the consultation responses in further detail and look at those that are ‘realistic, sustainable and achievable’ to take forward to the next stage.

If Shaftesbury Town Council is nominated by Dorset Council to develop the community facilities on Mampitts the second round of public consultation on a detailed proposal will take place in 2022.

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