Pearl’s talking lines & colours

Pearl’s talking lines & colours

Yetminster artist Pearl Gatehouse will be showcasing her stunning paintings in her Talking Lines and Colours exhibition at Shaftesbury Arts Centre between April 28 and May 4.

Pearl said: “As an artist, I try to be an interpreter, illuminating and conveying to the viewer my visual experience of nature. I love painting seascapes and wide Dorset landscapes, with a feel of fresh air and sense of freedom.”

“Recent restrictions, however have led me to discover in my garden and locality, sources of inspiration, a desire to celebrate the rich colour of a briefly flowering peonie, pops of colour in a winter garden and the poetic, fragile beauty in imperfection; fragments of dry beech leaves, broken twigs and fading petals.”

“Drawing, mark-making and plenair painting, the recording of form and sensation are basic to my practice. Back in my studio ad gallery space, the act of painting becomes an alchemy of sustained concentration, charcoal and juicy oil paints.”

“Each work is unique and I hope provides a source of delight and discovery to the interested viewer.”

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