Make do and mend as repair cafe restarts

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Marnhull’s Repair Café is welcoming a cornucopia of projects now it’s back up and running.

Last Saturday’s session of the Marnhull Hub and Repair Café was extremely well attended. Several items were brought in for repair; one example being a Dyson vacuum cleaner with a wheel that had fallen off. No professional repairer was prepared to touch it, and even Dyson themselves could not help with a spare part.

The Hub’s repair team now have it and should be able to save the vacuum from ending up in landfill. In addition to the Dyson, a Fisher Price toy, a Walkman and even a Grandfather clock were brought in for repairs. People came to get vegetables grown in the community allotment in return for a voluntary donation to the community funds.

And Mandy Robinson, Marnhull’s PCSO, also dropped in for coffee and a chat. She plans on being at the Saturday sessions at least once a month, now that the Old Butcher’s shop is no longer available.

The Hub now operates out of Village Hall, every Saturday between 10am and midday, during which times items for recycling can be brought to the back of the Hall in our new storage bins. Note that recycling is no longer available at the old location.

Sioban Boyce, who set up the Hub two years ago, said: “The new venue for the Hub is proving to be very successful, particularly because of the availability of car parking spaces. Because more people are dropping in, we’d like to appeal to anyone who would like to volunteer in any way: if you could spare some time to help with repairs or to make drinks, do please get in touch. New people come along every week and are amazed by the variety of items we repair and recycle. We can also supply and fit watch batteries. Come and see for yourself.”

The Marnhull Hub and Repair Café will also be represented at the Shaftesbury Fringe in the Guildhall (August 29 and 30, between 10.30 and 12.30) when you will be able to meet some of the team and discuss any repairs you may need, and also ask about volunteering opportunities.

Up-to-date information is available on the Hub’s Facebook page (search for ‘Marnhull Hub and Repair Café’) and at

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