Her Majesty The Queen – in it for the long game

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As we enter this season of celebration for Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations I want to celebrate all that is good and strong, and all that we can learn from such a lengthy and unwavering service.
So much of today is fast changing. Our attention spans are diminishing. Our commitment to jobs and relationships shortening. Our need for a quick fix, be it dopamine or an immediate food delivery, has become such a thing in our lives, we are losing sight of the long term.
So what a contrast Her Majesty is to all these things that make up our fast-moving, ever changing lives. When I join in local and national celebrations later this month, I shall be celebrating Her constant, ever-changing-and-never-changing, common sense, well read, sensible-shoed calm approach to her reign and her life. Hooray for her use of Tupperware, her love of picnics, dogs, horses, family and a hearty walk. Thank goodness for her steely look through her unfashionable glasses – a look which says more than 1,000 words.
Her adaptability and flexibility is rooted by a strong core belief in a simple but unwavering set of values. Her whole manner is always genuine and unchanging be she opening another hospital or hosting a State dinner for a foreign visitor during politically choppy times.
It is no great secret we are nearing the end of her reign and the death, last year, of HRH Prince Philip brought into focus how extraordinary this Monarch and Consort are. Theirs was a marriage made of teamwork, compromise and sheer joy in each other’s company. In these somewhat dark days, perhaps the most pertinent lesson is however uncertain the future is looking, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Standing still and fretting or regretting will not improve life. Moving on, slowly but surely, will.
Many readers will remember our Queen’s father, the late King George VI. When he died, the nation was devastated and many believed the new Queen was too young for the job. She would probably have been the first to agree. But her unwavering dedication to nation and duty won through. Haven’t we been lucky and how much we can all learn from her example.
Alice Johnsen is a life coach based near Sherborne (07961 080513; alicejohnsen.co.uk)

by Alice Johnsen

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