Gillingham rallies round deli after late-night break-in

CUSTOMERS and neighbouring businesses have rallied round a Gillingham shop which suffered a break-in.

The front door of Little Poland (Polski Sklep), in the High Street, was smashed some time on Monday night (February 19) and three charity collection tins stolen.

Staff closed the shop on Tuesday to allow police to carry out investigative work and clean-up after the raid and repair the damage.

On Wednesday, the store reopened after police finished their work.

“They may not have stolen much, but for people who may need help from air ambulance or the other two charities, it means a lot,” a spokesperson said.

And after the raid, staff were surprised to receive some goodies from their town neighbours, including snacks from nearby Costa and the Lavender Blue Bakery.

“Thank you for every word you wrote and sent directly to us,” they said. “We would like to thank Costa for your direct support and sweets, and Sam, the owner of Lavender Blue Bakery, for the delicious cakes and words of support.”

Costa and the Lavender Blue Bakery were among those supporting Little Poland

Costa and the Lavender Blue Bakery were among those supporting Little Poland

A Dorset Police spokesperson said officers were called to the shop at around 10.20pm.

“Officers attended and it was reported that a window had been smashed and three charity tins had been taken,” they added.

“A number of coins were subsequently located on the ground near to the shop.”

No arrests have been made as the investigation continues, they said.

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