Dorset pupils excel in theatre creative writing competition

FIVE Hanford pupils in the UVIth (Year 8) have won prizes and commendations in the Treehouse Theatre’s creative writing competition.

One pupil, Coco, won the senior school category with her story ‘The Tale of the Doctor’s Daughter’.

Another pupil, Aline, was Highly Commended in the same category with her story, ‘The Witness’s Tale’.

Commendations were also awarded to Silvia, Clemmie and Rachel.

The winning entries are being considered as possible inclusions in the Treehouse Theatre’s exciting theatre project ‘The Shaftesbury Tales’ this summer.

Carrie Lewis is Head of English at Hanford and said, “This is a fantastic achievement for our pupils; to win the senior school category at such a young age is truly impressive and it is wonderful for the girls to see their stories in print.

“There is a strong tradition of excellent creative writing at Hanford, and, over the years, our pupils have won many prizes.

“I believe that the girls are inspired to write their own stories both because we foster their creative talents and because they are all such keen readers/love reading.

“I am looking forward to following their progress as they move on to their senior schools, and I hope one day to receive a copy of their first novel!”

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