Council bids to buy empty Blandford property and bring it back into use

AN empty Blandford house could be bought and improved for people to live in.

Dorset Council is to submit a compulsory purchase order – where the owner has to sell the property – for 26 East Street, in Blandford Forum.

“If the order is confirmed, it will authorise Dorset Council to purchase compulsorily that land for the purpose of facilitating its improvement,” a spokesperson said.

They added: “Empty properties can make an area feel run down and undermine community spirit. They can also become the focus of anti-social behaviour, fly tipping and rodent activity.

“Returning an empty property to use can not only resolve these environmental and social problems, but can also provide a ‘new’ home, which helps meet housing demand, reduces pressure on new build development and can also provide an income and asset for the owner.

“We want to encourage owners to bring empty properties back into use as homes. We recognise that properties are often empty for a wide variety of reasons and our role is therefore to initially influence and encourage property owners. This can include advice about undertaking repairs, selling the property or renting it.

“However, we may also take appropriate enforcement action where these informal negotiations fail.

“We have information for owners of empty properties and also information for those affected by empty properties, such as neighbours and local residents.”

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  1. Debs Kidd Reply

    Let’s hope the owner is forced to sell, so the property can be used. Too many around like this , including one opposite where I live which has been empty for 25 years!

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