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Photo by Zoran Borojevic on Unsplash
Photo by Zoran Borojevic on Unsplash

Need a little entertaining inspiration? The month of May is both lemonade and gin day, so what better than the ultimate gin-based lemonade cocktail?
Simple and fresh, combining one part gin with two parts traditional lemonade, this summer fresh cocktail is a party pleaser. Perfect for a May Day barbecue with friends and family, serve it long or short, and make it chic using vintage glasses with a wheel of sliced lemon, a sprig of fresh rosemary and a crush of ice around the rim of the glass.
Inspired by the exotic flavour of Dorset-based Shroton Fair Gin, winner of two of the most prestigious awards – The Taste of the West and London Spirits Competition – founder Wilfrid Shon, has spoken to the New BMV of his delight in the win.
“The judges for both competitions possess some of the most refined palates in the world and I was delighted to win Gold and Bronze respectively. No mean feat for a recipe concocted in a rural Dorset kitchen!”
Finding the perfect formula was a lengthy but satisfying process for Wilfrid. “Having taught myself how to distil, family and friends were ‘forced’ to try gin with ingredients focusing on botanicals such as elderflower, lemongrass and pear. However, I found many botanicals were good in theory but not in practice.”
Inspired by herbs and spices traditionally found in Indian cuisine, such as cumin, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom, six months later, and a little more tasting, Zummit Dry was born.
At the London Spirits Awards, the gin is described as having ‘a grassy nose with notes of coriander and spices, a delicious palate with notes of African pepper and herbs’.
“Much like the Royal Bengal Tiger brought to Shroton Fair back in 1767, the eastern spices used in every bottle of the – now award-winning – Shroton Fair Gin once again brings an oriental style back to the Blackmore Vale.”
Shroton Fair Gin Zummit Dry, £34.95 for 70cl.

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