Bounce for joy

Space Inflaters Gillingham

Space Inflaters opened its doors for the first time on Saturday 18 July and played host to well over 200 guests, including major stakeholders and dignitaries, parents – oh, and children. Music played via the new sound and laser light system, while the fully operational café/bar was a hit.
The venue, sister site to the successful Riversmeet Leisure Centre, is the second community site being run in North Dorset by The Gillingham Community and Leisure Trust.
Filled with huge space-themed inflatables, it’s the perfect way for children to let off excess energy during the summer holidays. Each session holds up to 100 people every 90-minute slot, making it perfect for parties, so do book early to avoid disappointment. Prices are displayed on the website, with peak being £6 and off-peak £5, adults go half price. And a new under 3’s area is soon to be available.
The Gillingham Community Leisure Trust say they aim to please as many people as possible: “This is a community initiative with a warm community feel,” says Alan Waistell, Director of Leisure, “and any surplus made from this venture will be put back into the community.”
Space Inflaters, as named by the public, is aiming to deliver services to disabled, low-income families, and host some major community events at site in the coming 12 months. Visit for more information or call 01747 213125. Space Inflaters, 22 Brickfields Business Park, Gillingham SP8 4PX.

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