Blandford’s double WKO champion!

Blandford Forum’s Shane Blackburn defied all odds buy becoming not one, but double WKO World Kickboxing Champion on Sunday 14th August. If taking the title twice wasn’t impressive enough, Shane managed it after breaking his neck and being told by so many people, including family to give up the sport he loves.

The one constant in his hard-won list of achievements was his coach Kelvin Bartram who became a mentor and father figure through a turbulent childhood and supported along the way by his partner Kate Davey who he has thanked for all her support. “I’ve got to thank my partner Kate Davey for making her own sacrifices to help me achieve my dream.”

Shane original took up the sport to protect himself against an abusive step-father. The discipline he gained help give him an anchor through life as well as a sporting goal and determination to make it at the top level.

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