A new dawn for your favourite news magazine

A new dawn for your favourite news magazine - BVM is back!
Recreating the magic – The New Blackmore Vale magazine

So, here it is! The moment you’ve all been waiting for – the day the New Blackmore Vale arrives in your shops. We are a small team of BVM enthusiasts, who want to recreate the magic of that time-honoured A4 news magazine you all loved.

We have to start small, so the magazine will be a little slimmer to begin with, and we are publishing fortnightly for now. We are also using a little more colour – after all, 2020 has been grey enough! With the right support from our readers we will go weekly in no time… and our pages will fill up with all the news and views we’re told you miss so much.

The product people have missed

Yes, there is an online BVM, which has started up to cover this patch of north Dorset loveliness. We believe there is room for both, as we will have very different offerings. What we are trying to do is produce the product that people have missed. The old printers are printing our magazine, the old distributor is scurrying around all the places the old BVM used to be picked up.

We have professional journalists on board, to cover the important stories of the area – including some familiar names. We also have some fabulous local columnists, old and new, to cover the topics the old BVM did so well. We hope you love it.
Now it’s over to you. Send us your news, your letters and your thoughts about how well we’re doing.

Is there a feature you particularly want us to revive? How was your lockdown? Would your shop like to stock some of our magazines?


Here are some useful contacts if you’d like to get in touch. For news and features, email newsdesk@blackmorevale.net or call 01963 400186. It’s letters@blackmorevale.net for letters for publication.

To advertise, it’s adverts@blackmorevale.net, or you can call 01963 400186 for classifieds or 07876 563683 for display ads.For enquiries about stocking our free magazine, email Lorraine Drake at lorraine_drake@icloud.com or call 07850 52993.

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