Why I decided to relaunch the Blackmore Vale

The Idea

Let me tell you a short story about the new Blackmore Vale Magazine.I was at a small socially distanced gathering on September 1 and the subject of discussion moved to the the loss of the beloved Blackmore Vale Magazine. Someone should start it up again, was the general opinion.

Why are you looking at me?, I said. Because you could do it, they said. Now I am known by some people and especially members of my family, for wanting to try to start or invest in different businesses. The cries of no no no, are what I normally hear and I would retreat to my desk. But this was different – I kept hearing words of support.

The Beginning

So, I know nothing about the newspaper business, but it seemed worth a shot. Having sold the idea to myself, it was decided that we should go – and as soon as possible. So a date of September 25 was chosen as launch date, printing on the 24th, mainly because it was two of our family’s birthdays on that date rather than considering if we could produce a new newspaper ready for print in 20 days with no staff or knowledge… 

So my wife and I hit the phones, armed with a 2017 edition of the BVM, found in the cellar. Your response was phenomenal – you were all so nice, so positive about the return of a paper edition. It is what people want.
So we went through our staff at all our companies to see if anyone knew anything or anyone. Of course the most fortunate find was Miranda, who had worked in the sector in many roles, for many years. Miranda knows lots of people and within a week Debi had joined us full-time on sales. So our biggest thanks are to them, but also thanks to the many others who have given useful input. Of course my biggest thanks goes to my wonderful wife, Ruth,
for taking on a major role.

The Local Institution

We had accepted that in this era, we would have to spend money to make it happen and that will be the case for some considerable time. But it’s a local institution: most people want it and we want to give something back. It will help enormously if people support it with advertising, and using our advertisers’ services. This first issue may not be all the things you want, but tell us what extras you do want. Give us your news, use it as a community service.

So it’s now up to you – if you want a magazine, please support the businesses which have helped finance this first issue by buying advertising space. Most importantly, please enjoy this first edition and help us make our next issue in two weeks’ time even bigger and better.

Support Us

Thank you all so, so much for the love and appreciation you’ve shown us since we launched the New Blackmore Vale.

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