Updated plans for five homes in Hazelbury Bryan field submitted

UPDATED plans for five new homes in Hazelbury Bryan have been submitted.

An application has been submitted to Dorset Council by Barry Lewis, on behalf of Mrs S Richards, to develop a 0.43-hectare field in Kingston.

The site, off Kingston Row and Homemead, would see two houses and three bungalows built, with access off Kingston Row.

The application said the homes would be built in ‘the traditional format’, utilising locally-used materials.

“This combination of design and materials will reflect what is commonly being used in Kingston over the years and will not look out of place,” it said.

A three-metre hedge around the street side of the site would be retained, the application said, with a short length being ‘hard trimmed’ at the entrance to ensure visibility.

“The vehicular access is essentially utilising the existing vehicle access but improving it to make it wider and to enable it to be safe while, at the same time, minimising the amount of hedge removal in achieving the visibility to the east,” it said.

How the layout of the development would look. Picture: Land Development Services Ltd/Dorset Council

How the layout of the development would look. Picture: Land Development Services Ltd/Dorset Council

“The access road provides for direct access to all five dwellings, while also providing for a formal turning area at the end.

“All dwellings are provided with a double garage and garage front parking spaces.”

Permission for the scheme was granted in principle in March, with this application adding detail requested by planners.

For more details, and to comment on the plans, log on to and search for application reference P/PIT/2023/04394.

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