The glamour of abstracts

Munro Wright

Munro Wright, the founder of the new 21st century art genre ‘Abstract Spiritualism’, will be exhibiting a stunning collection of paintings in February. This genre is distinctively different from the art genre ‘Abstract Expressionism’ in that ‘Abstract Expressionism’ seeks to convey visually attitudes and emotions so as to elicit an emotional response from viewers, whereas ‘Abstract Spiritualism’ seeks to convey visually the unseen and unknown yet intuitively-felt spiritual aspects of life. Inspiration for Munro’s work comes from the various spirit forces which he believes are present in our everyday lives. Munro describes himself as “the mere technician who applies the paints to the canvas”. He describes the process of ‘Abstract Spiritualism’ as being “technically well-painted with depth and perspective just like figurative paintings painted by graphic illustrators” but different to ‘Expressionism’ in that “it must not and does not contain any figurative imagery”.

In that respect, ‘Abstract Spiritualism’ “is the purest form of abstract painting”. On leaving school, Munro Wright enrolled at art college for seven years, combining his art studies with his work as a textile designer in the manufacturing industry.

Visitors to Fisherton Mill will be able to view some of the very latest thought-provoking abstract paintings being produced in the world today and in doing so may experience a spiritual revelation too.

The exhibition runs from Saturday, February 12 until Saturday, March 12.

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