Road closures across Dorset for roadworks: Full list of streets

DOZENS of roads across Dorset will be closed for repair work in the coming months.

Surfacing works are taking place over the next three months, which Dorset Council says will “extend the life of urban residential roads”.

Wimborne, Gillingham, Verwood, Ferndown and Corfe Mullen are among the places set to see work carried out.

Contractor Kiely Bros are carrying out the work, which is underway in some Ferndown and Wimborne areas, due to finish by mid-March, before they commence the 2024 programme, which is due to complete by mid April.

Two gangs are carrying out the work, with affected households set to receive a leaflet before it gets underway.

The treatment, known as microasphalt surfacing, extends the life of the road, the council said, as a cost-effective method for worn, but not structurally failing, routes.

Road closures during works are from 8am to 5pm, due to the size of vehicles required, with advance notice signs being displayed beforehand.

Residents are asked to not park vehicles on the road/verges when the work is due to start, with ‘No parking’ set up two to three days in advance.

Locations being treated in February and March, in date order by the two crews working at the same time, are below:

Crew 1
Shakespeare Road, Wimborne
Welland Road, Wimborne
Chene Road, Wimborne
Fairfield Road, Wimborne
Cuthburga Road, Wimborne
Yew Trees Close, Wimborne
Crescent Road, Wimborne
Fairfield Close, Wimborne
St Catherines, Wimborne
Ethelbert Road, Wimborne
Abbey Road, West Moors
Milford Close, West Moors
Forest Road, West Moors
Firs Glen Road, West Moors
Oakhurst Road, West Moors
Pennington Close, West Moors
Pennington Crescent, West Moors
Pennington Road, West Moors
Station Road, West Moors
Norris Close, Ashley Heath
Bushmead Drive, Ashley Heath
Woolsbridge Road, Ashley Heath
Badbury View Road, Corfe Mullen
Meadow Close, West Parley
Badger Close, Ashley Heath
Windsor Close, Ashley Heath
Chander Close, Ferndown
Cammel Road, West Parley
Allenview Road, Wimborne

Crew 2
Matlock Road, Ferndown
Darley Road / Wollaton Crescent, Ferndown
Monsal Avenue, Ferndown
Wollaton Road, Ferndown
Hilltop Road, Ferndown
Bitterne Way, Verwood
Meadow Way, Verwood
Claylake Drive, Verwood
Owls Road, Verwood
Pine Walk, Verwood
Coronation Road, Verwood
Pine View Close, Verwood
Pineview Road, Verwood
Yarrells Lane, Lytchett Minister
Laburnum Way, Gillingham
New Close, Bourton
Mill Rise, Bourton
Mill Lane, Bourton
Horsecastles Lane / St Catherines Way, Sherborne
Flaxfield Road, Beaminster
Margaret Place, Dorchester
Manor Way, Dorchester
Spring Gardens, West Knighton
Moynton Close, Crossways
Hurricane Close, Crossways
Airfield Close, Crossways
Combe Way, Crossways
Spitfire Close, Crossways
Old Farm Way, Crossways
Briars End, Crossways
Edgon Close, Crossways
Marley Close, Weymouth
Blenheim Road (Spur), Weymouth
Blenheim Road, Weymouth
Stirling Road, Weymouth
Clarendon Avenue, Weymouth.
Greenway Close, Weymouth
Greenway Road, Weymouth
Westbourne Road, Weymouth
Moorside Close, Weymouth
Reed View Close, Weymouth
Arlington, Weymouth
Beaulieu, Weymouth
Farm Close, Weymouth
Field Barn Drive, Weymouth
Marina Gardens, Weymouth
Courtauld Drive, Weymouth
Belfield Park Drive, Weymouth
Belfield Close, Weymouth
Buxton Close, Weymouth
Lydwell Close, Weymouth
Broughton Crescent, Wyke Regis
South Road, Wyke Regis
Marlborough Avenue, Wyke Regis
High Street, Wyke Regis
Henbury View Road, Corfe Mullen

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