New Police Cadet unit launched in Blandford – and adults needed too

YOUNG people in Blandford can now join the newest branch of the Dorset Police Cadets.

The new cadet unit officially launched on Monday, April 15, joining “thriving” units in nearby Poole, Christchurch and Bournemouth.

The group has also launched a recruitment drive for Police Cadet Leaders to join the force and “help make an instrumental difference in young people’s lives in the county”.

“Each cadet unit offers a unique and exciting opportunity for teenagers aged 13 to 17 to learn about the law, police procedures, and specialist police units,” a Dorset Police spokesperson said.

“They also develop various skills, including communication, interpersonal, and teamwork, which will be invaluable for their future.

“A team of volunteers is needed to help run the scheme and provide an environment for these young people to serve their community through volunteering and acting as ambassadors for the force.

“We particularly want to recruit new Police Cadet Leaders in Blandford, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Weymouth.”

Leaders do not have to have previous police experience but must be interested in helping young people achieve their best and reach their full potential.

The role includes running weekly meetings, supporting outdoor activities, and policing events.

Assistant Chief Officer Jo Mosley, director of people and support services at Dorset Police, said: “Being a cadet leader is not just about meeting our Force vision and local policing priorities.

“It’s about being instrumental in the development, encouragement, and empowerment of the young people of Dorset. It’s about giving them a voice and helping them achieve things they never believed possible. It’s about making a lasting difference in their lives and our community.

“It only takes one adult to change one young person’s life forever, and this is why we are recruiting more people to join our cadet leader team.

“I encourage anyone interested in giving something back to the community to visit our force website to learn more.”

You can apply to become a Dorset Police Cadet Leader by visiting the Volunteer Cadet Leader (18+) information page online, or find out more by emailing

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