Mystery tree poisonings

tree poisonings blackmore vale

That’s the question posed by Dorset Council, which says there has been an increase in damage to its trees across the county, including those on Noake Road, Sherborne and Blandford’s Phillips Road.
On each occasion, the culprit appears to be trying to poison and kill the tree so that it will have to be removed. Apart from this being illegal, the council says there is a wider safety issue of the tree becoming unstable and either it, or its branches, failing and damaging property or even causing injury or death.
Dorset Police have been informed of all the locations where such vandalism has been found, and they and the council will monitor these sites for further activity.
Portfolio Holder for Highways, Travel and Environment, Cllr Ray Bryan, described the poisonings as ‘indiscriminate and selfish action’ that put people at risk.
“It’s one thing to attempt to kill a healthy tree for personal benefit, but quite another to endanger people and property while doing so,” he said. “There must be local residents who have seen and/or can identify the culprits and we would welcome any information.”
People with information can contact the council in confidence at

by Faith Eckersall

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