Loved children’s character filmed in Vale

Vicky Brunton, Farmer Tom and Vicky’s children Emilia and Arthur
Vicky Brunton, Farmer Tom and Vicky’s children Emilia and Arthur

The loveable green animated tractor, fondly known as Ted, farmer Tom and Midge the dog have been busy filming Tractor Ted from the heart of Motcombe on the farm of Vicky Brunton and David Armishaw.

The invention of farmer David Horler and his business partner Alexandra Heard, Ted is an animated tractor who narrates and voice-overs a children’s series devoted to farming. The much-loved shows educate children about animals, racehorses, farming machinery and even cheesemaking.

With catchy songs, children have been captivated by Tractor Ted since it was first shown a decade ago. And since the summer of 2017, Vicky and David have shared their home with Farmer Tom.

Vicky said: “Four years ago, after showing the production team around the farm, they arrived at the farm house and instantly asked if they could use the house as Farmer Tom’s house. Our son Arthur, who was not yet two, was a huge fan so how could we say no?”

“In October that year, with our daughter Emilia only two weeks old, the first film crew descended for two days of filming footage of Farmer Tom and Midge and for ‘Hello Ewe’ in our milking parlour. Since then, we have had the pleasure of their company for various filming sessions as well as photo shoots. The children absolutely love it. They get to play ball with Midge as well as have Merlin the Shetland pony charging around the yards and still continue to be star struck by seeing Farmer Tom and Les at their house. Emilia finally had her chance to shine in front of the camera alongside Arthur a few weeks ago. It was a long day of filming yet all the children had an absolute blast. When there were breaks in filming we were playing with the goats and chickens who love an audience!”

Vicky said: “Ally the producer is absolutely amazing and Ian the director is brilliant, considering they’re working alongside children and animals, they are still smiling! Yes it’s exhausting making sure the front of the house and the stable yards are looking their best, often while entertaining the children on their summer holiday, and I ended up with a few callouses from constantly sweeping, but it’s so worth it. The children get to see their home and themselves on TV and for me, it’s all about making memories that will last. A good opportunity to tidy the garden!”

Tractor Ted is available on DVD, Vimeo and Prime.

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