Katrina’s Fitness Drive To Say Thank You

GLAD TO BE ALIVE: Katrina Geraghty is raising funds for RiversMeet in Gillingham after staff there saved her husband Mike’s life.
GLAD TO BE ALIVE: Katrina Geraghty is raising funds for RiversMeet in Gillingham after staff there saved her husband Mike’s life.

A grandmother is raising money for RiversMeet in Gillingham after three staff members saved her husband’s life when he suffered a massive heart attack.

Katrina Geraghty and her husband Mike are enthusiastic users of RiversMeet, Mike especially, as ex-army, he is very fit.

But one day in October 2019, their day turned from spinning on bikes to spinning out of control. Katrina explained: “We were coming down the stairs after a spinning class, and Mike just sat down, breathed out and died. “I’d just got to the bottom of the stairs and turned around and he was foaming at the mouth, I thought he was having a seizure. It was grim. “If it had happened in the car park, it would have been too late.” Staff members Luke Piper, Robynne Back and Wayne James were quick to react to the unfolding tragedy and began CPR using the nearby defibrillator. They saved his life. “Robynne, Luke and Wayne are all delightful. They’re incredible. It’s only because of their training that Mike survived. I can’t thank them enough.”

Mike had suffered a massive heart attack and was rushed to The Royal Bournemouth Hospital for a triple heart bypass. “It’s a time we wouldn’t want to go through again,” said Katrina. “He’s fine now, although we’re all still traumatised. It happened in October and by February he was back in the gym, he’s better now than he was before. “It’s a silent killer, we had no idea at all.” Mike, Katrina, their two daughters, Charlotte and Emma and their three grandchildren Sophie, Evie and four-year-old Wren are just so grateful to the staff who saved Mike.

In November Katrina challenged herself to do 50 squats and 50 press ups each day to raise £1,000 for new gym equipment at RiversMeet: ‘Giving back for Mike’. And already she has raised £800 and is on her final push to reach her target. She said: “I get very emotional every time I think about all the people who have given so generously and I’m glad it will benefit the community. My initial target was £500, I’ve now raised over £800 and am hoping to get to £1,000! People have been so generous.”

Luke from RiversMeet said: “It was after a class, and we rushed down as quickly as we could with the defibrillator. It’s difficult to put into words really, it was shocking and scary, you just go onto autopilot. I was part of a team, and we all have monthly training. We were all lucky that day.

“The ambulance crew were fantastic; we were very lucky they were nearby and able to come so quickly. Katrina and Mike are fantastic, they are very valued members of our community. What Katrina is doing is absolutely wonderful. I’d just like to say a massive thank you to her. The best gift is that Mike’s alive, that’s the best thing we could ask for.” If you would like to support Katrina, go to gofund.me/721c98a7 or hand in your donation at RiversMeet.

By Kate Knowles

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