Fun, fun, fun in mud, glorious mud!

mud run

The mud has washed out my running clothes, the aching arms have subsided – and now I’m advising you to put 20 May 2023 in your calendar for next year’s Dorset Mud Run!
The event was held at the Stock Gaylard Estate at Sturminster Newton, on a fabulous 6km course, after being cancelled due to Covid-19 in 2020.
Participants were organised into small groups over the weekend and the atmosphere was one of laughter, fun and teamwork.
Cheerful volunteers were on hand to encourage us along – and on occasion to help pull us up out of the steep, slick, muddy river banks!
As we ran through the beautiful scenery in glorious sunshine, we climbed, crawled, pulled ourselves through thick mud, swung over ditches, clambered through rivers and swam across the lake.
From the moment we arrived on site, we were presented with the finishing line, a large inflatable slide into a pool of water already muddied by previous participants.
It looks fun until you need to find the last bit of strength to pull yourself to the top while being sprayed with water.
Half way up, I had my doubts about completing the course, but this is the final obstacle, it had to be done.
Yes, my stomach felt like it was left behind at the top of the slide, but the moment you re-surface, you are ready to book in for next year’s event.
On completion, we collected our finishers’ T-shirts and complementary Gritchie beer, and felt pretty proud of ourselves!
If mud is not your thing, you can run the dry routes, but where is the fun in that? To book visit
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