Couple seek permission for Dorset hay trailer glamping site after enforcement notice

A COUPLE who built a glamping site out of an old hay trailer have applied for planning permission for the scheme after an enforcement notice was issued.

The camping pod, along with a shower and composting toilet in a shed, have been built on land at Green Lane, Hooke, by Sam and Ella Jukes.

The former hay trailer and an old shed on a 1.6-acre plot have been converted into glamping accommodation which the couple use for wildlife watching, and rent out occasionally.

However, they have now submitted a retrospective planning application for the scheme after Dorset Council officers issued an enforcement notice.

The couple wrote in the application: “We would firstly like to apologise for failure to submit an application previously due to naivety around the planning regulations, as we did not know that change of use would be necessary in this instance.”

They said the trailer and shed were already on the land, renovated using largely recycled materials, with the site chosen to have “minimal impact on the environment and wildlife”.

The converted hay trailer. Picture: Dorset Council

The converted hay trailer. Picture: Dorset Council

“The purpose of the trailer is to provide a private and peaceful space for us (the owners) to observe the wildlife and enjoy the secluded nature of the location, but also to provide the same experience for occasional guests,” the couple went on.

The site has no electricity or external lighting, they said.

“The trailer has had little to no impact on the wildlife in the area, deer can be seen in the feld and bats have begun to roost in the (purposefully designed) cladding of the trailer itself,” the application said.

“Our visitors will benefit from the quiet surroundings and exposure to nature and we hope to encourage others to enjoy their time outdoors, developing a greater appreciation of the natural world around them,” they added.

The land had been unused for “at least six years”, the couple explained, and had now become a haven for wildlife.

The shower block and toilet at the site. Picture: Dorset Council

The shower block and toilet at the site. Picture: Dorset Council

“We are passionate about wildlife and the environment, both locally and in a wider sense,” they added.

“This is reflected in our ongoing sensitive management of the land and we believe the hay cart is a quiet, private and discreet addition to this special site.”

The application is now with planners at Dorset Council. For more details, and to comment, log on to and search for application reference P/FUL/2022/07447.

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