Councils object to solar farm plans


BOTH Spetisbury and Charlton Marshall Parish Councils have objected to proposals to almost double the extent of the solar farm at North Farm, Spetisbury.

Spetisbury say there has been insufficient time allowed for public consultation before the application was submitted, and complain that no approach has been made to the parish council about how heavy construction traffic is going to be managed on a country lane, the impact on residential properties along West End and the proximity of Spetisbury Primary School.

Charlton Marshall say that when combined with the existing solar farm the proposal will occupy a considerable area of countryside around Charlton Marshall and Spetisbury, with no apparent benefit for local residents.

“Parish Councillors feel that the applicant is taking advantage of the situation with Covid-19 and rushing the application process without undertaking the requisite amount of consultation.”

They said notices on random telegraph poles in the village had quickly disappeared at a time when most residents were restricted to their homes, and discussions between neighbours could not take place.

Many had no access to digital information, and nobody was available from the agents to discuss the possibility of greater consultation.

Their concerns included glint and glare from panels closer to existing properties, and the length of time that tree planting to provide screening would take to become established. Local county councillor Andrew Kerby has said he is unhappy with landscaping issues and the impact on nearby business, and has asked that the application be considered by the planning committee, but the parish council say it should be deferred until further public consultation can take place.

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