Animal magic at North Cadbury Primary

Animal Encounters, at North Cadbury Primary

It’s not every day you get to meet an armadillo at school. Or a python, pygmy owl or giant stick insect.

However, children at North Cadbury Primary were delighted to meet all these creatures, plus a giant millipede and a fat-tailed gecko when Animal Encounters paid a visit.

Among the things the children learned was about the clever way these animals camouflage and self-protect themselves.

The school’s Victoria Bridgeman-Sutton said: “The children were wowed, especially by Herbie, the three-banded armadillo who was making his first-ever outing.

“The owl appeared to have extra eyes in the back of her head and the stick insect not only had leaf like legs, but also could make her tail curl up like a scorpion.”

Animal Encounters’ Chris Johnson was able to explain details of the animals’ lives to the children.

“It was a fabulous way to start the term,” said Ms Bridgeman-Sutton.

Animal Encounters, at North Cadbury Primary Animal Encounters, at North Cadbury Primary

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