All the cattle are on the pastures

All the first cut silage is safely in – it was a tormenting time with the catchy weather, rain then sun. The crop was pleasing in quality and quantity in the main.
All the cattle now out on the pastures, changing the farm routine from feeding, cleaning out and bedding up, to checking the cattle and making sure they have enough grass and that no gates are left open or fences breached.
The maize has popped its heads up, so we are on track for the animals’ winter feed.
We had a hot air balloon fly very low over the farmyard and fields – it actually landed in our neighbours’ field. We don’t mind balloons coming over but the cattle can get spooked, so it’s important to check on them after a visit!
We were given tickets for the Chelsea Flower Show as a Christmas present – it was a super day.
Among the exhibits was a Government stand – the Animal & Plant Health Agency warning people not to bring in any plants or plant materiel from abroad.
There are so many problems with our native plants and trees. Seeds, bugs and disease can come unintentionally on plants and cuttings.
There have been tree viruses from overseas – Larch, Chestnut and Ash are in real trouble. Then there’s invasive plants like Japanese knotweed and Himalayan Balsam. Also, we have insects, Colorado beetle, processionary caterpillars, which are very toxic, and many more.
So please don’t be tempted to bring back from your holidays ANY plant material – and it’s ILLEGAL.
The first of our day-old turkeys have arrived! Just 100 to start with – we are growing these especially for Thanksgiving and early December trade.
Prices are still all over the place – it’s really difficult to budget for anything, whether the farm or shop.
The costs are going up faster than the resulting products. The milk cheque is all spent before it hits the bank!
Cows are in short supply and very dear. Many dairy herds have been sold, lots of the larger herds have gone.
It’s not just dairy cows that are short but beef also. I can never remember such strange times.
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by Ruth Kimber

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