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Blackmore Vale Magazine, Edition 17, with Total Energy Advert


32,000 copies of the New Blackmore Vale Magazine are printed every 2 weeks.

On average, free magazines in the UK are read by 2.5 readers per household.

That’s a potential 80,000 readers every edition!

160,000+ readers a month!!

“71% of GB adults (15+) read magazines in print and online.”
“Mobile users add a further 126% audience reach to a publication’s footprint.”
Source; National Readership Survey (PAMCo)


In the first 12 months our website has had;

  • 43,068 Users
  • 70,613 Sessions
  • 205,057 Page views
    (Stats based on Oct 2020 – Aug 2021)


How the New Blackmore Vale website is growing;

Blackmore Vale Magazine, Advertising Graph, Pageviews Over the First 12 Months


  • 172 users per day
  • 1,205 users per week
  • 5,050s users per month
    (Stats based on Oct 2020 – Aug 2021)

We’ve seen a 51.3% increase in website traffic in 6 months.

Blackmore Vale Magazine, Advertising Graph, Users Over the First 12 Months

Funny Kid using Watering Can on his head to grow

We’re still growing. At current growth rates we’ll surpass 10,000 users per month.

That’s 10,000 monthly users living and working in the Blackmore Vale and surrounding area.

When you appear on our website, you’ll have a link direct to your own website bringing traffic to you.

Plus the SEO value of a link from a strong local news domain.


If you don’t have your own in-house design team, don’t worry, we do! We can help create your advert from scratch or work with existing artwork to put together an eye-catching advert for you.


We’re always happy to partner with local companies on Facebook to help increase your audience.

Our Facebook reach is over 81,000 users.
(based on June 2021 data)


 If you really want to get seen in the Blackmore Vale, it can be fast and effective.

  • 32,000 copies each 2 weeks
  • Estimated 80,000 readers
  • 7,000+ monthly website visitors (soon to reach 10,000!)
  • 81,000 Facebook reach


We want to make advertising work for you. We’re always happy to discuss options and look at ways to keep improving your advertising to give you the best results.

That can also mean putting you into our other magazines.

You tell us what you want, how you want to be seen and our friendly team will work with you to get you the best results. Your products, services, client base are constantly evolving, and your advertising should evolve with it. We offer combined packages so you can be seen both in print and online.

The New Blackmore Vale Magazine is a great way to be seen and get your services noticed locally.


Want to make an instant splash? We’ll be happy to work with you on a competition. Our competitions work both locally with our readership and nationwide via our website. Perfect for a new product launch, pushing your social media channels, or just making some noise and turning heads.


Advertising and marketing can seem a little daunting if it’s something you’ve never tried before. Our experienced team are here to help.

Tell us your targets, what you want to achieve, your budgetary or physical constraints and we’ll be happy to work with you, to design an advertising package to bring you the results you need.

The New Blackmore Vale is your magazine. It’s part of the Blackmore Vale community and we’re proud to be able to go the extra mile to support local companies and keep putting our newspaper at the heart of the Blackmore Vale.