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Cats can find living with another cat a cause of long-term stress. PHOTO: Isa Karakus/Pixabay

Stress in cats can be hard to spot

By Lynn Broom Longmead Veterinary Practice Cats can be stressed by situations which do not appear stressful and can develop strange behaviours in response to these...
Animals which have licked or mouthed a toad (above) may salivate profusely, show oral pain and develop tremors and dilated pupils. PHOTO: Kathy Büscher/Pixabay

Harms outside and inside the home

We are often very aware what we should not feed our dogs to avoid accidental toxicity such as chocolate and raisins but we must...
Old cats will be less active but owners should watch out for subtle changes which can help identify any underlying signs of illness. PHOTO: Alexas Fotos

Some common issues in old cats…

Cats are independent and this makes them very good at hiding signs of ill health. Old cats will be less active and old age...
Tortoises have a long lifespan, so you will need to consider who will look after it when you are no longer able to. PHOTO: Pixabay/ u_ohk82lu4

Should I get a reptile as a pet?

Reptiles are beautiful and varied animals and fascinating to observe and learn about. As pets in the UK they are entirely dependent on us...
Ticks feed on the blood of dogs and other mammals and can spread diseases.

Ticks need to be taken seriously

Ticks are a type of parasite which feed on blood from mammals. They can spread diseases and are, therefore, best avoided or removed quickly...
Photo by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash

How can I tell if my dog is in pain?

Chronic (ongoing rather than sudden) pain in dogs is common, but can be missed because we tend to assume that a quiet dog isn’t...
Should you breed pets? The New Blackmore Vale Magazine

Should you breed a pet?

The idea of breeding from our pets can be very appealing. Puppies and kittens are lovely, and producing a new generation from our beloved...
Dog on beach, Photo by Ooscar Sutton - Unsplash

Adopting a pet from abroad – responsibly

It is becoming more common to adopt a rescue dog from overseas, but there are important factors to consider when doing so. Here in the...
Brain function in your pet’s old age, Lynn Broom

Brain function in your pet’s old age

Just like us our pets can develop reduced brain function and dementia symptoms as they get older. Understanding the causes and knowing how to...
Caring Canines, Dorset

Caring Canines in appeal for four-legged friends

A furry good reason to paws for a visit from a very special friend Ask anyone who’s had a visit from Caring Canines and they’ll...

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